November 26th 2015 | The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh

About the event

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Health and Social Care

With finite resources available, effective use of information is essential to ensure that, as the integration of health and social care becomes embedded across Scotland, decisions made around planning and delivery are cost effective and in the best interests of service users.

We need to ensure that:

  • We are gathering the right information
  • Any sensitive and personal information collected is handled properly and protected
  • Information is shared with those who can use it to provide the best care for the patient
  • Information and data is linked and analysed effectively to enable Integration Authorities to make informed planning and commissioning decisions.

This conference will discuss how information gathering, sharing and analysis will underpin the delivery of integration of health and social care. It will highlight how organisations across Scotland can ensure that any decision they make is informed and reflects the need of the individual and wider population in their area.