November 26th 2015 | The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh

Speakers include


  • Fiona Murphy, Associate Director - National Information and Intelligence Service, ISD Scotland
  • Dr Anne Hendry, National Clinical Lead for Integrated Care, Joint Improvement Team, Scottish Government
  • Gavin Paterson, Development Officer - Self Management Partnership and Practice programme, The ALLIANCE
  • Maureen Falconer, Senior Policy Officer, Information Commissioner’s Office (Scotland)
  • Murdoch Carberry, Chair, The Information Sharing Board
  • Tracey McKinley, Information Governance Manager, NHS Lothian
  • Dr Alisha Davies, Senior Research Analyst, The Nuffield Trust


About the event

This conference will discuss how information gathering, sharing and analysis will underpin the delivery of integration of health and social care. It will highlight how organisations across Scotland can ensure that any decision they make is informed and reflects the need of the individual and wider population in their area.

Why you should attend

At this event you will:

  • Discuss what information is essential to gather to ensure we meet the health and social care needs of Scotland’s people
  • Learn how to handle and manage sensitive personal data
  • Consider how we can ensure that information is safely shared in order to provide the best care for the patient
  • Discover how different streams of information can be linked & analysed effectively to enable Integration Authorities to make informed planning and commissioning decisions